The surprise benefits of aligners

Aligners’ primary purpose is to straighten teeth using custom-fitting plastic that makes the process discreet, convenient, and easy. The known benefits of clear aligners are clear (no pun intended), but did you know that many customers experience other, unexpected benefits from aligner treatment, too?

Known Benefits of Smile Happy aligners

  • Clear and discreet
  • Easy to remove for eating, cleaning, and flossing
  • Custom-made for each Club member
  • Up to 60% less than traditional braces
  • Treatment times average of 4-6 months

Added Benefits of aligners

  • Snacking less often
  • Weight loss
  • Improved dental hygiene
  • Quitting smoking
  • No more nail-biting

Snacking less often

Many people say they snack less often when they’re straightening their teeth with clear aligners. The simple action of removing the aligners to eat, and brushing before putting them back in after the snack, is enough to make customers think twice before dipping their hands into the candy bowl.

Weight loss

In a recent survey, 15% of SmileDirectClub customers who completed their plans said they weigh less than when they started. Turns out, stopping all that afternoon grazing really cuts the calories, too! On average, those customers say they lost a whopping 7 pounds throughout the course of wearing clear aligners.

Improved dental hygiene

More than half of Smile Happy customers surveyed report improved dental hygiene while wearing aligners compared to before they started. It’s always recommended that customers brush and floss before putting aligners in, even if it’s after a small snack, and visit their local dentists regularly. All that extra attention really seems to help. Plus, the straighter a customer’s smile gets, the more motivated they are to maintain it.

Quitting smoking

A number of Club members quit smoking while wearing aligners. We always recommend that customers remove their aligners before smoking and brush their teeth before putting aligners back in. Similar to snacking, the frequency of smoke breaks, and the subsequent brushing, is enough to encourage people to kick the habit – something many of them already wanted to do in the first place!

No more nail-biting

Because aligners wrap around the top and bottom teeth, it makes it very difficult to bite something. For this reason, many customers find themselves gradually dropping their nail-biting habit. Wearing aligners makes what used to be a mindless habit more prominent and helps Club members quit.

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