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Wisdom Teeth & Aligners


You may be wondering what to do with your wisdom teeth before getting started with braces or clear aligners. You may also want to know whether they could cause an issue if they appeared part way through or after your…

Braces Vs Aligners


Many patients have asked us which option will be better for them. It really is a personal decision, so we thought we would provide some information to take with you to help you if you need time to consider your…

The surprise benefits of aligners


Aligners’ primary purpose is to straighten teeth using custom-fitting plastic that makes the process discreet, convenient, and easy. The known benefits of clear aligners are clear (no pun intended), but did you know that many customers experience other, unexpected benefits…

4 ways to make aligners more comfortable


If you’re experiencing discomfort after putting in your new aligners, don’t worry. It’s a natural first step in your journey to unlocking the power of your smile. Some Club members may not experience any discomfort, but we have some tips…

How to take take your Impressions


You’ve purchased your impression kit, and you’re ready to get a smile you love. Taking your impressions is easy, and it only takes 30 minutes. Your kit includes a sets of trays, putty, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to capture clear…

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